Case for capes as golf apparel in the Windy City

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Halloween is nigh, and golfers and nongolfers will see costumed characters wearing capes. Batman, Dracula, Robin and Superman are the usual, caped, comic (Dracula is not comic.) characters. However, Captain Marvel, Superdog and Supergirl may make appearances. Since high winds in Chicago have irritated golfers the last few days, September 25-September 27, I have an innovative, golf apparel idea for those who wish to play golf in the Windy City—capes.

Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs catchers and Chicago Blackhawk goalies have interesting apparel. Why should not amateur golfers have interesting apparel? Rarely in the United States, will anyone see a golfer wearing knickerbockers (interesting, but somewhat ridiculous); and I believe that it is high time that golfers make fashion statements.

What could be more interesting than capes? Many persons may think that capes are unknown outside of comic books and horror novels; however, in 2010, capes as women’s apparel are en vogue. Nonetheless, you will not see any members of the LPGA wearing them while playing golf.

Currently, even men wear capes, but they are not athletes or golfers. Rarely anyone but European, law enforcement officers (no Chicago police officers), and European, military personnel wear capes. These guys are dashing!

Nowadays, in Chicago when the wind blows like Dizzy Gillespie with frozen lips, golfers could use their capes to protect their eyes from myriad, dust particles. In a pinch, when golfers forget their golf umbrellas, they could use their capes to protect themselves from the rain. As you can see, capes have utilitarian uses.

In addition to any money, the sponsors of Chicago Park District golf tournaments could award the supercape to the champions. In essence, Supergolfer would get the supercape. (However though, these capes may be too ostentatious [overall red with a golf ball in the back’s center] to wear during golf rounds. Therefore, Supergolfers would likely only display them in their trophy cases.)

Regular, cape, golf apparel should have tasteful, but not striking designs. In addition, designers should sturdily construct them. (Golfers would be averse to capes flying from their fellow-competitors’ necks, and into their faces as they try to sink easy putts.) Capes would add interest to the apparel of men and women, amateur and professional golfers.


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PubDate:7/20/2011 11:06:11 AM