Golf Gloves To use or not

What are the use of golf gloves ? Some golfers question what the advantages of wearing golf gloves. Well, actually wearing a golf glove is useful during a round because it prevents sweat to ruin the swing.

Cabretta leather gloves is more confortable as it has the feel like a second skin, soft and supple. When a golfer wear that kind of Gloves he will feel comfortable and breathable.For this reason a casual and professional golfer should not hesitant to choose Cabretta leather gloves.

Again, should a golfer wear golf gloves ? Although in playing golf it is not required to wear a golf glove, but most professional golfers will always recommend the use of golf gloves. A golf glove can provide a secure grip especially when the hands are wet of sweating or rain. Some golfers wear gloves on both hands, but usually they wear one golf glove on the lead hand (either right or left ).

A right handed golfer can wear a golf glove in his left hand. Why is it so ? Because a golfer may place his left hand onto the club grip to stop the club slipping. That is the reason he wears the golf glove in his left hand. The right hand is placed over the left hand. Only his thumb and index finger will touch the grip. In that case, he may or may not wear a golf glove on his right hand.

So, should a golfer wear a golf gloves ? The choice is of course up to the golfer, but the recommendation is worthy a thought.


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PubDate:8/12/2011 9:40:45 AM