How to adjust tee height

If you want to use driver, fairway wood or irons to hit the ball, you need to adjust the correct height Tee

firstly, it seems very easy: put the ball into the tee, then hit it. However, most of us still do that wrong.

If the tee height is not right, then you will feel a hit is not smooth start. Tee frame is too high will cause you to hit the ball straight into the air, tee placed too low may be the opposite effect.

You may have to the tee for the altitude and distance, then it will weaken your distance, you can control the tee height completely, so adjust the correct height should be a prerequisite for good shots.According to the following ways, you can correct your number one wood, fairway woods and irons corresponds to a good frame Tee.

The driver: the height of the ball
You should be able to see the ball half to three quarters of the top of the wood.
High take-off kick-off: Tee holder to be higher, and just inside your left foot into a straight line.

Fairway wood: half and half. Rake it out: Tee holder the right to put a good, you should be able to without the interference of Tee to sweep the ball hit out of a clean, this will ensure a solid ball and more control.

Irons: with low tee height, Tee holder as much as possible to lower it almost flush with the turf, the ball and club face center in a straight line.



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PubDate:7/23/2011 12:23:25 PM