How to make attracting golf club head covers

By Steveponting

Many golf players, truly take of their golf equipments, and they put golf head covers on their golf heads, isn’t that cool and protective at the same time. The golf players make sure that have a nicest set of golf club head covers adorning their tools inside their bags.

The Golf Head Covers have been used for many years. The first ones were made from simple materials and they had a zipper on them and this was used to close them.

It golf head covers reflects persons personality.

There are simple five steps – to create your own innovative golf head covers or golf club head covers.

The first step is – get a thick fabric with a tight weave in it so it can provide optimal protection from any of the components which you may endure on the golf course. Any wool material would provide a great base fabric for your golf club head covers.

The second step is – take the fabric which you have selected then , form and shape it in the way your golf head is , cover it properly; make sure to give enough space for any alterations that may need to be done. If you have around club head then you should make that cover for it round.

The third step is – to begin the stitch, the potential club head cover into the proper shape and be sure to stitch any openings besides the bottom of the potential cover closed. You need to be accurate with the shape and stitching, the way you want and the way it will look good.

The fourth step – as now its cover and it is ready to tighten the open end of the cover around the shaft with just enough space to slip the club head in and out. Make sure to overlap the cover with several layers of extra material for stability; but not much because the weight will comprise the flexibility of the cover.

The last step – once you have made any final alterations and added any details, its time to test out the cover by repeatedly slipping the club head in and out so you can see if it stands properly or not.

Finally you are ready to flaunt your golf club head cover; you can match and fix up colours of your own taste, change the golf head covers as your mood and days.


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PubDate:11/16/2011 11:40:30 AM