Understanding of the eight basic elements of golf swing

Holding the grip

Needless to say, holding grip is the most important foundation. It affects the swing during the various parts of the action. holding is not ready, take aim the ball position, ball position is relatively stable ball hit, the ball's flight path, flight distance will be affected, but also lead to thinning or thick fight.

Stations and standing

Relative to the ball, how your station can also affect whether the correct swing. Must be based on the required effect of different shots to choose to open pin, closed pin or flat pin; and a wrong action will also lead to loss of standing balance and strength. Generally speaking, the most common error is bowed shoulders and arch the back.

Spine angle

This angle is aiming the ball position in golf's most important. Stand up straight with the ground when the spine angle is 90 degrees, then bend the knee, upper body forward from the hips about 45 degrees, that is a proper spine angle during the swing to keep this perspective.

Target direction

The most simple way to check is to see whether the club face perpendicular to target line, if not targeted the right

direction, then the ball will fly the specified target. In addition, in order to make the ball stay in the target impact point, you may adjust the swing path deliberately to change the ball flight trajectory, and this is wrong, and will bring a string of errors.

Back swing

To get the smooth, powerful swing, the first step (before the basic course must be completed stations, etc.). Done after the start of the swing correctly is essential, but mainly by the rhythm during the swing after swing to lay. Action after the swing should not be too fast, and from the bar, the bar, a few steps to reach peak swing rhythmic manner.

Peak swing

Swing vertex must have a brief pause. This is a mistake easily swing too, which will put pressure on the wrist, thus affecting the fluency of this swing. And if not in the swing position of the vertex club that fell apart under the swing and will contradict them.


Swing swing down from the peak, until the sweet spot, the next swing will create a right (or wrong) of the swing path and swing plane, is doing the right impact on the club face perpendicular to target line the ball is able to effectively to hit....

Sent rod and pars

Pole and fell apart easily send people overlook, but if the body is smooth, smooth swing, get shot at before doing anything perfect, but get no coherent action bar and then fell apart down, the same can not lay the ball, because the whole swing when the coherent process, if you get stiff rod, pars deliberately, that error is already an instant hit and see the ball flight path will know. Special attention is paid, do not rise too early.



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PubDate:10/31/2011 5:59:22 PM